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Past Events


1st International Symposium in Warsaw, Poland, November 1989 (ISU)


2nd International Symposium in Berlin, Germany, August 1990 (ISU)


3rd International Symposium in St. Catherine’s, Canada, August 1991 (ISU)


4th International Symposium in London, May 1992 (ISU)


1st World Congress in Warsaw, Poland, 1993 (ISU)


2nd World Congress in Orlando, USA, 1995 (ISU)


3rd World Congress in Boston, USA, 1998 (ISU)

4th World Congress in Krakow, Poland, 2001 (ISUD)

Theme: Mythos and Logos: How to Regain the Love of Wisdom

5th World Congress in Olympia, Greece, 2003 (ISUD)

Theme: Religion, Politics and Suffering: Intercultural Dimensions and Challenges for Philosophy

6th World Congress in, Helsinki, Finland, 2005 (ISUD)

Theme: Humanity at the Turning Point: Rethinking Nature, Culture and Freedom


7th World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan, 2007 (ISUD)

Theme: Collective Memory, Philosophical Reflection and World Peace


8th World Congress in Beijing, China, 2010 (ISUD)

Theme: Dialogue among Cultures: Peace, Justice and Harmony


9th World Congress in Olympia, Greece 2012 

Theme: Democratic Culture: Historical Reflections and Modern Transformations


ISUD Meeting during XXIII Congress of Philosophy, Athens, 2013


10th World Congress in Craiova, Romania 2014

Theme: The Human Being: Its Nature and Functions 


11th World Congress in Warsaw, Poland 2016

Theme: Values and Ideals: Theory and Praxis


12th  World Congress in Lima, Peru 2018

Theme: Philosophy in an Age of Crisis: Challenges and Prospects

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